Photo2In 1777 King Jan Kazimierz /King John Casimir/ gave the island with the buildings, lakes surrounding them and a large piece of the wilderness to the order of contemplative cloister. Cameldolite monks arrived the following year and established their headquarters. They built a chapel, a church and other necessary outbuildings. In 1671 a huge fire destroyed the wooden buildings on the island. In 1694 the Cameldolite monks began to build a large monastery with a church and outbuildings of fireproof material ? brick. First, an Italian architect, Peter Putini, designed the architectural undertaking.


The place can be visited without any restrictions. The buildings which are located very close to one another create some special climate. Narrow, stony paths wind their way between them and take tourists to different times. Flowery lanes of the complex encourage visitors to take long walks. At the monastery, you can visit the Apartments and the Chapel of the Pope, the Crypt of the Church, the Clock Tower, Exhibitions and the reading-room of John Paul II, which was founded after his stay at the monastery in 1999. The late baroque church, with its rich decor, is still used and is very popular among newly married couples. Gregorian chant concerts are held here as well. The film ?Lynx?, directed by Stanislaw Tym, was made in the monastery in Wigry.

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